the balanced leader


THE BALANCED LEADER: Self-Leadership and Leadership in the World

 The balanced leader demonstrates excellence in both self-leadership and leadership out in the world. Best practices for leading out in the world directly apply to self-leadership, and best practices in self-leadership directly apply to leading out in the world. This two-way exchange brings game-changing results. 


Architects of Time

Beyond these two “directional aspects of leadership” (inner and outer) are the equally critical realms of leadership nourished by a balance of time. Leaders must be “architects of time” as they balance strategy and action, the short-term and the long-term, a balanced focus on results and relationships, and much more. 


Strengths and Leadership Styles

Balanced leaders rely on their strengths and are aware of when to develop new strengths. On their journey, they experiment with different leadership styles, ultimately choosing a style that fits their personality. Regardless of their choice, the balanced leader knows that there are times to use “different tools” from their toolbelt of skills, not only those associated with their primary leadership style.


Excellence and Ease

Balanced leaders regularly have access to whatever they need, and therefore, reach their goals with excellence and relative ease.