About Nature's Success Applied to Business

Keynote Speaking Engagement & Visual Feast


 What can cheetahs teach us about balancing strategy and action?  What can whales and wolves teach us about teamwork?

With breathtaking images, brief videos, stories, science, and (optional) live animal demonstrations, Daniel Phoenix translates nature's successes into highly applicable "best practices" for business in the 21st Century.

Customized to Your Top Three Learning and/or Messaging Goals


Before your speaking engagement and visual feast, Daniel will invite you to choose your top three professional development objectives (among a list of 50+), and/or choose a corporate messaging goal to reinforce throughout the experience.

Daniel will then customize the keynote to highlight an abundance of natural successes that apply to your chosen learning objectives and/or messaging goal.  For example: "Nature's Success Applied to Leadership."

Live Animal Demos (Optional)


Animals with "super powers" can join us and become an integral part of the speaking engagement and visual feast.

With the help of their professional handlers, these "superheroes" will demonstrate their powers.

Then, Daniel will lead an interactive brainstorming session with the audience (participants) about how the animal's unique powers can be translated into "best practices" at work.